Susaba Design

Susanne Bartel

from Nürnberg

" The idea for the creation of susaba-design occurred to me literally in a sleepless night in late summer 2008, after I had tried on the day, to find a beautiful and unusual luggage tag - unsuccessful on the Internet. After two hours on the night desk, already stood the first design, the implementation of which was no big issue with the friendly graphic designer Silke Klemt. Three months after the aforementioned sleepless night they finally lay before us: the luggage tag, the first project of susaba design. Such a success are now the luggage tags, even several journals wrote about them."

Luggage tag:
The usual image: On the treadmill of TXL, MUC or FRA, but also in NYC or VCE, the trolleys draw their circles. Elegant they look, no question, but mainly they are one: namely black. To bring color into the Tristesse on the one hand, to be able to distinguish also the own of the strange case has taken susaba deep in the color palette and designed various members guaranteed covered in the unit case. All susaba trailers are made of genuine cowhide leather, loving, original and packed with great care and are delivered in a cardboard box with a guaranteed in compliance with lucky horoscope. Should the prediction against all expectations is not hit, we ask of blame to refrain and us neither Sue nor to wish the hell.

Pencils "Schreibtischtäter":
Who does not know that: man sitting in the Office and suffers from a writer's blockade. Or: Mysterious way all pins from their own desks disappear, while Mr masses on writing instruments, hoarding, refuses on demand but also to commit themselves to the PIN theft. With the eye-catching "tatwaffen für schreibtischtäter" the PIN theft on the one hand is difficult - because obviously and thus detectable-, on the other hand the elegant black color pens with their word joke-imprints exquisitely that are suitable to some fun in the sometimes grey Office life bring. The tatwaffen are available in a high quality gift box.

Ironing words:
A white shirt, simple and nice, but somehow it lacks that certain something? Something that stands out from the many, many other white shirts, which makes it distinctive and that says something about its people? With susabas "ironing words" you can quite easily fashionably individualize your shirt or spiceit up. Simply select the personal favorite of twelve words, "lucky" and "fairytale", decide on a favorite job on the shirt, access after the hot iron and ironing on the word: finished is the shirt, that there is only one time. "bügelworte" are best on lighter cotton or light-coloured linen, ironed textiles are on the left at 30° washable.


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Picture 1: Ironing words, Motives: glückskind, glücksfee, glücksritterin, glückssache, glücksbringer, glückspilz
allerliebst, edelmütig, herzensgut, holdselig, lieblich, tausendschön
Prices: 3,95 € /each
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Picture 2: Luggage tags
Price: 14,50 €
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Picture 3: Tatwaffen für Schreibtischtäter
Price: 5,90 € /Set
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