Alexis Agné

from Berlin

Sugafari is a strange journey of sugar into different countries and cultures. The more curious the product, the greater the chances that it is included in the range. The range continues to grow. Goal is to get at least a confectionery curio from any country of the world.




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Picture 1: Muumin Lakritsi are bars with Heidelbeerjoghurt filled licorice. Yammi Yammi oder Oh my god?
Price: 0,80 €

Picture 2
: Nerds are not only something for Nerds.
Price: 2,70 €

Picture 3: Magic Gum, Crackling childhood memory pure.
Price: 0,60 €

Picture 4: Skittles are coated rubber fruit drops and make simply addictive!
Price: 1.- €