vonHeimStolz makes furniture unique. Interior of past time is misused or given a new ( gold ) finish. vonHeimStolz gives the character of the furniture a worthy version by recycling. Sometimes quirky, sometimes true to style and always unique. The trained Gilder, Jana Marie Reichert, recovers unappreciated materials and revives old furniture. In addition to selling all sorts of vintage furniture and accessories she takes also new furniture and lends even an IVAR chair a special, somehow different charm.

Every color, every reason and every patina is specially mixed for each piece of furniture with casein glues and pigments. In addition to selling already redesigned interior and furniture vonHeimStolz also offers space concepts. Even your own furniture can be ' redesigned ' appropriate to your home.

Only real wood furniture is worth to be transformed from vonHeimStolz. Preferably untreated.

vonHeimStolz at Facebook.

Mikku Ceramics. Behind this is Katrin, who is since a few years back at the hub, but also clays by hand and processed into sheets.

Katrin Tettenborn is a freelance copywriter and if she does not juggle with letters in front of the computer, then she juggles with clay. With and without a hub, from small to large, from white to red. Whats very important to her: ideas come during the work, without paraphernalia. Therefore, each piece has its own charm. And its corners and edges.

More information at www.mikku.de









Elena Albertoni studied graphic design in Amiens (France) and type design at the Ecole Estienne in Paris. Since 2004 she has lived in Berlin, where she worked for Lucas de Groot LucasFonts and rounded off her competence in fonts and font drawing production. In addition she built up her label Anatoletype under which she releases her own writings. Twice already she was awarded in the prestigious competition of the Type Director's Club of New York.

Elena began training in traditional signature painting in 2012/13. In her project MAKE! Skilled Hands she organizes regular Calligraphy and Lettering courses in Berlin, including in her studio at the O3. If you are interested, just turn up on Twitter, or contact us via mail.

More information at twitter.com/letterista



O3 offers designers the space to produce in close proximity to their customers. This gives designers the opportunity to gather feedback and for the customers it is a unique opportunity to watch the production of their favourite designs and even to express their wishes. Two rooms are available at the O3 store, which were until now inhabited by some exciting labels. In the following history all previous live-O3-designers are listed.

  Movies and flipbooks from Rebecca and Michael

Oktober 2013 bis August 2014

Rebecca is working on drawings and the implementation of stage characters, builds props and figures for an animation studio and connects book and film with her great flipbooks. Michael is a film producer, Director, video artist and VJ for electronic music. Both enriched the O3 a lot with their ideas.

  Illustrations and architecture from Nastja and Sophie

November 2012 until September 2013

Nastja Holtfreter is an illustrator, artist and designer who lives and works in Berlin. She designs her own gifts and children's books, postcards and illustrations for book covers and pictures for various exhibitions worldwide. She also animated cartoons for the German children's television. More information here: www.nastjaholtfreter.de
Sophie Ebert is an architect. She designs plans for great buildings and offers interesting insights into the architecture work.

  Studio for self-sewn children's fashion & accessories from Kordula Langner

September 2012 until March 2013

kimo is Kordula Langner - a needle-and-thread wielding creative, who has daily new ideas for unusual and unique children's fashion. Between patterns, needles, thread and scissors she creates lovely cloths, baby blankets, skirts, dresses, pants, dolls, bags and backpacks. She sews also according to your wishes, if a particular model is especially liked and not offered in the right size or color. Everything is made by hand, each piece is unique, manufactured with great attention and professionally processed with Overlock, sewing and embroidery machine. More information at www.die-selbstnaeher.de.


October 2009 until October 2012

FREAKZberlin manufactures insane design for courageous people. We work especially with the material of oilcloth and therefore there is much to discover: toilet bags, make-up bags, saddle saver and much much more! Also our heart beats for dogs! Therefore, we offer a small but fine collection for dogs. Collars, leashes, cuddly blankets - here, every dog's heart is higher and the owners will enjoy it.
More information at www.freakzberlin.de or at facebook.com/FREAKZberlin

  ClaraS. - Clarissa Schütz

October 2011 until August 2012

At ClaraS. you will find unique, handy and beautiful things. Often, it's the little things in everyday life - the beautiful things - that you see and instantly know how to appreciate, that brighten up your day. ClaraS. items are unique and individually crafted by hand. It all started with lanyards ... Meanwhile, there are also handy and cute bags, bulletin boards, mobile phone pouches, heat packs, cuddly pillows and lots of decorative stuff.
More information at www.ClaraS.biz or facebook.com/ClaraS.biz

  Kiseki - Fabrics from Japan - Juliane Reichenbach

April 2009 til September 2011

Many beauties and treasures from Japan. For those who are like themselves creatively, beautiful Japanese fabrics from designers such as Etsuko Furuya (Echino), Naomi Ito (nani IRO), Junko Matsuda, Yoko Saito, traditional Japanese patterns, fabrics and blue Woven fabrics for patchwork & quilting, Sashiko thread, and sugary substances, and children of fairytales.

  Schwesterherzen - Janine Baier and Janet Heller

January 2007 til June 2009

Does this sound familiar? In the shop hangs a nice piece of clothing - but somehow is missing the kick. Schwesterherzen creates original and matching designs to be printed, sprayed, ironed and sewed. Everything by hand and completely individual. Individual items at fair prices.

  Sarah Müssig

July 2006 til Dezember 2006

Colorful vintage stuff in the girls paradise.

  Medical practice Haberland - Jens Haberland

24.September 2005 til ? 2007

Medical practice with garden access. Treatments by appointment.

  Goldmarie - JanaMarie Reichert

24.September 2005 til June 2006

Gold plating and finishing old furniture and picture frames.