Sebastian Oppermann and Michael Wabbel 

from Berlin

You're something special! You are unique!

Therefore, you should call your own at least one unique!

With the INSTANCOLORTSHIRT of ODP, you have now the possibility, in three variants, to get a unique shirt, designed by yourself. Decide where the journey is to go. Whether wildly patterned, longitudinal bar, bar or almost monochrome. There are no limits to your experimentation.

Simply pour water over it, done. No shirt will be like the other! Create your own unique!

The OnitdemonProject:
One is a designer, the other started at an early age, creatively to express his creativity. Originating from Halle and Hildesheim, Michael Wabbel and Sebastian Oppermann are together the team behind the label ODP project. What began 10 years ago as a high-quality streetwear label, has now grown into a multidisciplinary Designkosmos.

The instant T-Shirt:
A transparent plastic packaging protects the goods manufactured from organic cotton including patented color device in the nuances of green, blue, orange and reddish brown. The industrial touch is pure intention as Wabbel and Oppermann see themselves more as a designer of clothing rather than fashion designers. They want "honest art," i.e., functionality, comfort, and quality. With the intention for each shirt to become the favorite one, each shirt is provided with pigments (of course Oeko-Tex certified and been bagged by the bosses). Together with water a dye bath can be produced in the packaging, in which floats the shirt.

Batik has actually no good image, not even with designers, ODP have managed to entkitschen the dyeing by a trick, and to refine the random coloring as artistic interaction. A video on the homepage of ODP explains about the number of design possibilities. The customer is not left alone, except when he wants it. ODP rely on the experimentation of the future institution and its desire to be involved in the creative process. A trend, as it is watched for about 10 years in the fashion industry and runs under the topic customizing. The purchaser wants more than be asked only to pay. He wants to interact. An effective means for this seems to be to leave its mark in the form of fashion statements.


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Picture 1, 2 und 4: InstantColorShirt in yellow, red, green, and blue
Price: 39,90€
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Picture 3: InstantColorScarf in yellow, red, green, and blue
Price: 29,90 €