neue Freunde

Carsten Rosenbohm and Christopher Fellehner

from Frankfurt am Main

No more boredom at the breakfast table! With the railway breakfast set of "neue Freunde", fun and entertainment is garanteed. It is a funny combination of high-quality cutting boards, coasters and a classic wooden rail.

The set is compatible with the classic wooden railways of known brands. So a whole train arises on your breakfast table quickly. A train and a cup with a tunnel are included! The handle of the cup is so huge, that the wooden railway can drive through.

Carsten and Christopher are enthusiastic toy developer. After 7 years of co-production with Ferrero children's surprise, they founded the label "neue Freunde ". In their small workshop in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, they customize their products in small series.



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Picture 1: Railroad breakfast set
Price: 25.- €

Picture 2: Cup coasters with tunnel Cup
Price: 15.- €

Picture 3: Cutting board with trolley
Price: 15.- €