Michiko Kabayashi

from Hamburg

MICHIKO, naturally, hand made. Michiko manufactures all soaps, bath salts, massage oils, and also the bath melts herself from fresh ingredients by hand. So you know what is in a product exactly.

Michiko used no artificial colours or fragrances and gladly accepts special orders, pretty much everything that can be found here, can adapt to your needs, preferences, or also allergies.

Coffee SOAP: From the encyclopedia of useless knowledge today: coffee contains molecules that disable battlefield the olfactory nerves and neutralize other odors. Therefore perfumers use coffee, drug smugglers to refresh their sense of smell, to the trackers to confuse and gardeners, construction workers and cooks to scrub their hands with coffee grounds. This SOAP uses this effect and includes fresh, fair trade organic coffee instead of coffee grounds. Of course, your hands will smell after coffee. But only for a minute, and that is still better than to smell for hours after garlic, or? The SOAP is handmade, cold mix and vegan.

Massage oil candle: This fabulous mixture smells delicious vanilla without being cheesy and sweet and lets you indulge in the relaxing effect of lavender without thinking for Grandma's linen drawer. The best of both. Why you need a candle with a massage at all? It's simple:, If the wick Burns, she should melt to a liquid massage oil. Because the whole candle consists of pure vegetable oils with a low melting point, it is also not very hot - so you can delete the flame that directly into the melted oil dip finger and simply start massage. A candle weighs approx. 80 grams and is twice as rich as the same amount of liquid massage oil.

Lip balm: As always, the lip balm is made of purely natural ingredients – however, it is not vegan. Honey and beeswax have too great properties for lip care. Honey heals and smoothes. Almond oil, Shea and cocoa butter drag and moisturize, and the beeswax protects the lips and makes they stay longer smooth. Only 10-12 grams will fit in this small can. But the Polish balm is so economical that he be still long enough.

Orange SOAP: The SOAP is from vegetable oils cold mix and includes back fettendes jojoba oil. It is with essential blood Orangenöl be scented that fruity smells much as the pale normal Orange oil. The orange "bowl" consists of dried orange peel slowly washing in use.


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Picture 1: Coffee soap
Price: 2,40 €

Picture 2: Massage oil candle lavender and vanilla
Price: 9.- €

Picture 3: Lip balm honey and vanilla
Price: 7.- €

Picture 4: Delicious fruit soap in real orange peel
Price: 2,40 €