The Hipstery

Adam Fletcher

from Berlin

The Hipstery was founded in 2009 by Adam Fletcher in Leipzig. At that time they were still called the Mystery Business, their offer was simple but unusual, they came up with a website, where you could answer 6 cryptic questions and afterwards a perfect mystery product was sent to you. Normally a T-shirt. The label specialized in T-shirts. Until today more than 14,000 mystery products were sold in more than 40 countries. The Label makers were getting bored by only managing the products of others and sending them, they wanted their own products. After moving to their new home in Berlin they produced their own funny gift ideas and clothing. It started with the Denglish products with funny German-English translations. Their great success gave them confidence and the product range has since been expanded.


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Picture 1 + 2: Berlin Bingo is a humourous and totally authentic city guide to Berlin. It offers 8 double sided cards, featuring 64 fun challenges that'll guide you through Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friederichshain and Prenzlauer Berg as the locals see them.
Price: 9,90 €

Picture 3: Tote "Denglish". Scientists believe, if Denglisch were a mathematical formula it would consist of 10% Deutsch, 10% English, 39% guesswork and 41% blind optimism.
Price: 12.-€

Picture 4: Hipster Essentials Berlin Kit. Contains Hipsters Essentials Tote, Guide "How to be a Hipster", Hipster Temporary Tattoos, Berlin City Guide, ironically bad music vinyl, Hipster Paper Glasses, fake business cards
Price: 29.-€