Emily Design

Tina Rea Kolly

from Munich

Tina is actually behind Emily Design. As a small child she did already handicrafts all day. With the years and age, this passion was unfortunately lost. However, 2008 was the Tinker box cleaned up, the creativity machine kicked and she went on working again. Emily Design are small things that are made with much love. Emily believes that this positive energy in the products will be passed on and make its owner happy for a long time.

In a nice little video Fränzi explains to you why Emily floppy-notebooks are so great:


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Picture 1: Fake chocolate rings in various forms of candy.
Price: 17,50 €

Picture 2: Fake Chocolate Ring Almond
Price: 17,50 €
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Picture 3: Retro-disc notebook 5.25 ", available in different colours
Price: 7,90 €

Picture 4: Retro-disc notebook 3.5 ", available in different colours
Price: 6,90 €