Elmar Khan and Atilla Yener

from Berlin

100 % Berlin: The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz as an art model.

He is lean, grown up, and handsome. Therefore, all want to have him. You can also: for 25 euro now the tower can be retrieved home. As a mini version that sparkles. The idea came to Elmar Khan when he ran past, at a showcase full of small disco balls: "Someone would have to build a mini tower, I thought", he says. Sure, there were already many small Tower imitations, but they were not nice enough for the two.

Khan is 33, architect and like his school friend Atilla Yener glad about his business idea. Because at the moment, both brachiate through different jobs. And build now at Yeners home small towers.

Both are born in Berlin, living now in Mitte, in the district of their Tower, wear sneaker and comfortable clothes. "The TV Tower is the most powerful symbol of Berlin", says Mr Khan, whose father is from India. And the Brandenburg Gate? "Too oldschool." "I think the most Berliners identify themselves more with the Tower of the Alex."

They pour the socket of the tower in a form of plaster. A small fibreglass rod from the building material shop for architects is for the red white ringed towertip. They do this all at home and by hand. But how are these disco balls that form the center of the Tower? "We get them from the Internet", says Mr Khan, "but we build together the rest." But so much like the TV Tower the mini version of the two does not look. "It is not at all real," says Atilla Yener, "if we would scale reconstruct the tower he would not be standingl." The base would be too thin.

The concept seems to work: 500 disco towers they sold at souvenir shops in Mitte, soon to follow cellphone charms, earrings or lamps in the form of the TV Tower. Actually all not incredibly new, creative ideas. However, the Tower of the two is so far the most beautiful in the small format.

Berliner Zeitung 14.4.2007 >>



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Picture 1: TV tower, big
Price: 25.- €
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Picture 2: TV tower, middle
Price: 20.- €
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Picture 3: TV tower, small
Price: 15.- €
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